How to keep yourself safe from New Novel Coronavirus?

On this special time, we would like to give you some suggestions for your reference.

1. Reduce outdoor activities as much as possible

a. Avoid visiting areas where the disease is prevalent.

b. It is recommended to make less visits to relatives and friends and dining together during the epidemic prevention and control, and stay at home as much as possible.

c. Try to avoid visits to crowded public areas, especially places of poor ventilation, such as public bathrooms, hot springs, cinemas, internet bars, Karaokes, shopping malls, bus/train stations, airports, ferry terminals and exhibition centers, etc.

2. Personal Protection and Hand Hygiene

a. keep hands clean and wash hands frequently with soap and water.

b.Rub hands with 70-80% alcohol-based handrub if they are not obviously soiled.

c.Do not touch eyes, nose and mouth with bare hands

d. It is recommended that a mask shall be worn when going out. A surgical or N95 mask shall be worn when visiting public areas, hospitals or taking public transportation.

My friend, BE PATIENT, do not risk on this special time !!!